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Join Play to Grow!

Play to Grow is community of parents, teachers, and early childhood professionals whose goal is to support children at  home and in the classroom. Through your FREE membership, you will collaborate with others, receive helpful resources, and have an opportunity to register for the Play to Grow course, a step by step, 10 lesson guide … Read more

September 25, 2020

Free Webinar! Support children’s social-emotional development through play at home.

“Monday and Tuesday, he goes to school half days. Wednesday, he comes to work with me. Thursday and Friday, he’s home with his grandmother for remote learning.” Parent of a preschool child.


In these challenging times, children need support now more than ever, as they struggle to cope with the loss of relationships with teachers and peers, the opportunity to learn social and emotional skills through play, and the uncertainty that is created by an ever changing schedule.

With many school districts opting for partial or full remote learning, parents have been thrust into the position of co-facilitators of their children’s social-emotional learning.

In my FREE WEBINAR, you will learn three essential strategies to that  support children’s emotional growth at home, with minimal demands on time and effort:

  • Implement a daily visual schedule using child-friendly, visually appealing activities that can be utilized by multiple caregivers.
  • Establish clear expectations for behavior across environments to ensure consistent behavior management by caregivers.
  • How to use just 20 minutes of play to support children’s emotional growth.
The free 45 minute webinar will be offered twice for your convenience.

To register, click below!

Tuesday, September 29 @ 10:00am EST


Wednesday, September 30 @ 7:00pm EST


May 26, 2020

After three long months, I will be resuming in-office services as of June 1st. As a contractor with the Division of Child Protection and Permanency and a specialist in the treatment of young children, the play therapy and coaching services I provide are essential, now more than ever. I am concerned about the impact the … Read more

May 1, 2020

In this challenging time, children need support now more than ever. After careful consideration and planning, I’m offering teletherapy to parents. For New Jersey residents, I accept Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield. At this time, I will not charge parents who are out of network or do not have health insurance. Please go to the Play … Read more

Oh, Canada!

 I sold my first copy of Universal Play Therapy to Canada recently. The first thing I did was Google the address, and open up the map to see where the buyer was. It was a town in Ontario, north of Minnesota. I did it impulsively, and I quickly realized why. I looked up Canada in … Read more


Anyone who knows me, knows how much I enjoy drinking coffee. In addition to a Pavlovian response to the smell and taste, when it comes to work, I’ve learned that I’m not very productive in the confines of my home. Thus, I often spend my free afternoons writing reports and blogs, emailing clients, or creating a power … Read more

Harry the Hamster

One of the most difficult responsibilities of my career as a play therapist has been the heart wrenching task of telling a young child their parent has died. However, you might be surprised at my disclosing that is often the easy part! The greatest challenge for me has been working with the adult caregivers to … Read more