Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a counseling approach that uses children’s most natural means for expression: play, to communicate how they feel about themselves, the significant people in their lives, and their experiences.

Play Therapy begins with a consultation with the child’s caregivers. At that time, a comprehensive history is obtained and a plan is established that best supports the child’s needs.

Next, the child participates in individual play therapy sessions. The typical course of individual play therapy is approximately 18 sessions, though the number may be more or less, depending on the nature of the referral and the child’s progress.

Once the child’s individual therapeutic needs are met, the child’s caregiver’s are integrated into the therapy. After twenty years of working with young children, Christian has learned the value of integrating the most influential adults into the child’s therapy whenever possible.

With this objective in mind, Christian has written Universal Play Therapy: A Guide for Supporting Young Children’s Development. The manual serves as the foundation for his work with caregivers participating in their child’s play therapy.

For more information, see the Universal Play Therapy page.

For more information about play therapy, please visit The Association for Play Therapy at

Online Play Therapy

In 2016, I published Universal Play Therapy: A Guide for Supporting Young Children’s Development. The guide prepares parents to conduct special play times with their children using simple, yet effective interaction skills. Since its release, I have utilized the Universal Play Therapy model dozens of times with parents and their children in my office. Others from across the US and abroad have purchased the guide and conducted play sessions independently in their homes. In this challenging time, Universal Play Therapy is an ideal way for parents to support their children’s emotional coping skills. It provides guidance that includes implementing a structured daily routine, identifying a designated play space, the selection of toys, and clear and concise direction in conducting play sessions. I will be unable to hold in-person play therapy sessions for the duration of the national social distancing guidelines that have been established due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, I am offering online play therapy for parents who are interested in working collaboratively to support their children. In this arrangement, I will guide you through the process from start to finish, observe the play sessions remotely, and provide written feedback and follow-up.

For New Jersey residents, Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield is accepted. If you are in network, the copay is waived.

At this time, there will be no fee for parents who do not have health insurance.

The only expense for online play therapy is the purchase of Universal Play Therapy, which will be used as a framework for the sessions. Please go to the Universal Play Therapy page for more information about the guide.

If you are interested in learning more, please complete the Online Play Therapy Contact Form.