Professional Development

The first four years of a child’s life are a prolific period for neurological development. In fact, by age four, the child’s brain is 90% adult size, and the structures responsible for all future social, emotional, and behavioral functioning are developed. Research indicates that for preschool children, emotional regulation, or the ability to control impulses, tolerate frustration, and delay gratification, are the greatest predictors of later academic success. Through the systematic application of the skills outlined in Universal Play Therapy, Christian helps early childhood educators support their student’s emotional development through natural and organic interactions during free play time in the classroom.

Christian provides workshops for State and National Early Childhood Organizations (including NAEYC and Head Start), school districts, community agencies, and parent groups. His workshops integrate current early childhood research with twenty years of experience as a practicing play therapist. He uses personal and professional anecdotes to highlight video demonstrations of play-based strategies that support children’s emotional development, followed by experiential exercises that generalize the skills into the home or classroom.

Professional Development Offerings
Two Hour Professional Development Workshops

Two-hour workshops are available to early childhood programs. Topics include;

• Choices and Consequences: Effective Limit Setting with Children
• Supporting Self-Regulation in Children Through Challenging Tasks
• Using Self-Initiated Play to Support Children’s Emotional Development

Full Day Professional Development Workshop 

The full day workshop is a synthesis of the three stand-alone sessions. It also serves as an orientation for the intensive staff training.

• Supporting Young Children’s Emotional Development through Play

Intensive Staff Training 

The intensive staff training offers early childhood programs a unique opportunity to practice the featured skills in the classroom with their students. This offering includes;

• Full Day Professional Development Workshop
• On-Site Coaching (in-class modeling and coaching using walkie talkie and earbud)
• Follow-Up
• A copy of Universal Play Therapy is provided to each classroom

For workshop descriptions or a proposal for your program, contact Christian!