Universal Play Therapy ebook

Support your children through play!

Universal Play Therapy is a guide intended for parents and teachers of young children that incorporates evidence-based strategies, presented in a user-friendly framework, to support children’s social-emotional learning at home and in the classroom. Universal Play Therapy supports children through three essential ways:

  • Implementing a structured, consistent, and predictable daily routine
  • Establishing clear expectations for behavior
  • Child-led play

“Christian Bellissimo has created a manual that is a reflection of his extensive experiences working with children and families. Universal Play Therapy provides practical advise about working with children in a variety of settings in an accessible, playful, and engaged manner. The integrated model captures the essence of supporting the developmental needs of young children through the principles of play therapy. Christian has charted a course that parents, teachers, and professionals can use easily and effectively.”
– Eliana Gil, Ph.D., Gil Institute for Trauma Recovery and Education

Universal Play Therapy includes:

35 Visually Represented Activities
9 Visually Represented Rules
Play Skill Guidance
Session Notes for Each Skill for Self-Assessment & Data Collection