Play to Grow – The Course

Play to Grow: Routine. Rules. Play!

With more than 20 years of experience as a practicing play therapist, Christian’s goal is to share the skills he’s utilized as a play therapist with parents and teachers to support their children’s emotional development. Play to Grow does exactly that!

Through your subscription to Play to Grow, you will help your preschool age child:

  • Follow a daily routine and successfully navigate transitions and change using more than 120 visually represented activities drawn exclusively for Play to Grow by a professional artist
  • Express themselves fully through self-led play
  • Recognize, express, and manage strong feelings
  • Be more confident and independent
  • Improve their behavior through choices and consequences
  • Cope with adversity and become more resilient

The Power of Play

Mr. Rogers said “Play is the work of childhood.” Indeed! The Play to Grow course uses evidence-based play therapy skills to guide parents and teachers in how to use play, the child’s most natural means for learning new skills, to maximize their potential!

Play to Grow: Routine. Rules. Play!

The Play to Grow Course includes:

Universal Play Therapy (eBook)

10 Lessons

Video Demonstrations

36 Visual Activities for Home
(editable and printable)

27 Visual Activities for School
(editable and printable)

45 Extra Activities
(editable and printable)

8 Activities for Remote Learning
(editable and printable)

9 Rules for Home and School
(editable and printable)

5 Play Skills Posters (printable)

Session Notes for Each Skill

Zoom Support

Membership in the Play to Grow Community

I’m only through Modules 1 and 2, and I’m already hooked! What an extraordinary resource for schools and families! I would love to see this used as a required training for new preschool staff.

Rebecca Montgomery, Early Childhood Supervisor
Freehold Public Schools

Watching our five year old daughter struggle with anxiety for months was excruciating. The wealth of knowledge we received from the Play to Grow course has been life changing. We quickly noticed a huge increase in her ability to express her feelings, cope with difficult emotions, and she developed the confidence to try new and challenging things.